John 1:5: "God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all."


     As the daylight hours become shorter and the darkness of the night gets longer in a 24-hour period, then we need to realize that the most important light is the light within us.


     It is important to share this light with others, in doing this we will light our own light, too. Your inside light might be an internal one but when a person uses it as a symbol of truth and love, it can be seen and felt externally too. The light of love has no wall and can be shared and make the world a brighter place for all of us. Shine your inner light and cause it to illuminate a pathway for others who may need it. Search for the light within your soul. That inner light that we all have and is our spiritual revelation and a source of enlightenment within one's self. 


     Faith is the light that will drive you through any darkness that you might encounter. Light attracts light, so share your light with the world and cause it to bring greater happiness, joy, and love into our own lives and those of others.


     Remember to celebrate this Thanksgiving season with being thankful for all that we do have. So much has changed lately but our love for each other is something we should always be thankful to have.

                                             Love and Blessings,

Judy Russell

Light in the Sky